Bluetooth Audio Transmitter & Receiver – Wireless Sound Transmitters for Bose Headphones, Apple Airpods, iPhone, Galaxy, Android – 3.5mm Jack Transmitter for Car, Airplane & Other Electronic Devices


A BLUETOOTH AUDIO RECEIVER SYSTEM FOR ALL YOUR DEVICES – It’s a high-tech , mobile world and that’s why the TECHD bluetooth sound receiver allows you to effortlessly connect your bluetooth headphones to nearly every device (including Apple Airpods) with a 3.5 mm headphone jack. The compact , lightweight design makes for an easy and clear listening experience. This accessory boasts fantastic acoustics for music , television, podcasts, YouTube videos, audio books, among others .

COMPACT SIZE, HIGH QUALITY SOUND : Our bluetooth transmitter for headphones is slim and easy to use , making it ideal for travel . Simply plug in and pair your headphones or earbuds for immediate use and great sound quality . Included with the receiver is a USB charging cable and an airline adaptor. The small design fits in your pocket, purse, bag, or backpack, so you can take it biking, fishing, camping, hiking, gardening , or any other outdoor activity. It’s also great for the gym and road tri

BUILT TO LAST : We believe an aux bluetooth transmitter should be built for longevity, so you know you can count on it again and again. By combining top-notch, state-of-the-art materials and technology , TECHD brings you a handy , durable , and user friendly bluetooth audio transmitter . While it’s small and subtle enough to blend in with any setting, these sound systems are tough and well made so they can withstand extensive use.

NOT JUST LIMITED TO BLUETOOTH ACCESSORIES: Though our bluetooth transmitter and receiver was made with bluetooth headphones in mind, it also enables bluetooth headphones to use non-bluetooth sources of audio. The technology sends audio signals from plug-in equipment to bluetooth speakers and headphones, expanding the list of compatible devices to go beyond just bluetooth equipment. It has been exhaustively tested and surpassed quality control standards and reliability.

AN EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA: If you are in search for the perfect gift that is both practical and a luxury item, look no further. The TechD AudioMo is a premium audio receiver that virtually anyone would find incredibly useful. Gift this li stening device for a birthday, graduation, an anniversary, Mother or Father’s Day, Valentine’s day, or Christmas . Your loved ones will love it.

  • Additional Information

    The TECHD AUDIOMO Bluetooth Audio Transmitter – A Simple and Effective Bluetooth Broadcasting System for Any Device In Your Home

    Bluetooth was made for easy, wireless transmission and reception of sounds , but there’s nothing easy about having to mix and match adapters for different devices. That’s why this TECHD bluetooth receiver minimizes the need for additional jacks. The 3.5 mm bluetooth audio jack connects anywhere standard headphones can.

    No need to sit close to the tv screen or crank the volume up. Because it receives bluetooth audio, you can take your favorite tunes from room to room without carrying the entire set with you. Go hands-free with phone calls by pairing the jack with your smartphone , including iPhone and Androids.

    It works during travel by connecting to your car or truck’s audio jack. Cut out distractions and focus on what you want, even in the most noisy and crowded environments. There’s even an adapter included for airplanes . Our wireless audio transmitter receiver system has a long battery life and recharges quickly. Small enough to fit into the palm of your hand, the TECHD multifunctional bluetooth sound transmitter makes a great gift for students, teenagers, kids, and adults who want to take the best audio quality with them without being bogged down by bulky pieces or excess equipment .

    Product Details

    • Bluetooth Unit
    • USB Charging Cable
    • Audio Cable
    • Airline Adaptor

    Size: 49mm diameter x 12mm high.
    Materials: Plastic and metal.
    Color: Black and white.

  • Reviews

    Very handy product which allowed me to connect my Bose headphones into a plane’s video/audio system via bluetooth – Ryan

    Great product. Does exactly what is says. I have a pretty large office and with this transmitter my headphones audio does not cut out anymore when I go from room to room. Now I dont have to carry my computer room to room if listening to conference calls and need to move around. Perfect! – JonJonT